Neighbors urge people to slow down after car crashes into Cedar Rapids house

CEDAR RAPIDS- One Cedar Rapids family wakes up to a nightmare after a car crashes into their home.  This happened on the 100-block of Brentwood drive north east in Cedar Rapids at around three 3am Saturday.

“We’re glad it wasn’t close to our bedroom or even close to the kids,” said home renter Mohammad Youssef.

A silver lining in a grim scene early Saturday morning after a car came crashing into the home the Youssef Family has only been renting for less than three months.

“I wasn’t sure what to do; just told my wife to grab the phone and call 9-1-1,” said Youssef.

No one in the home was injured, but the two people inside the car were.  A shocking sight for Mohammad Youssef, but he says his wife feared this happening for some time now.

“People always drive too quickly,” said Youssef.

Hours later, crews worked to repair the damage to the basement and foundation.

“Police have got to do something about this,” said neighbor Tom Rodke.

It’s a plea neighbor Tom Rodke says he keeps making after he says a drunk driver took out his mailbox among other things.

“That lamp, street lamp, and the fire hydrant stopped him there,” said Rodke.

After seeing what he called reckless driving, Rodke asked to the city to put up this caution sign, but now he says it’s still just not enough.

“We’ve got to do something about it.  That’s not enough.  At least putting a flashing light or something.  Speed bumps?” asked Rodke.

Another neighbor tells TV9 he plans to start a petition to get support for more traffic lights or signs.  Until then, Rodke has this advice.

“You’ve got to slow down.  This Brentwood Hill is very bad,” said Rodke.

Two people were trapped in the car and needed rescue crews to take them out.  Both were transported from the scene to area hospitals.

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