U.S. Attorney Rose recommended for federal judgeship

Stephanie M. Rose, the U.S attorney for the Northern District of Iowa in Cedar Rapids, has been recommended to fill a vacancy on the federal District Court for the Southern District of Iowa. Stephanie Rose Sen. Tom Harkin recommended Rose as well as Karen Romano, am Iowa trial judge and former Polk County prosecutor, and […]

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Inside The Culture: Hazing in High School Athletics

By Chris Earl The Gazette CEDAR RAPIDS — Six weeks after the first reports of hazing incidents involving members of the wrestling team at Lisbon Community High School, one wrestling mother is sharing her family’s story. The woman, who does not want to give her name, said her son was a victim of hazing as […]

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Cedar Rapids approves urban chickens

CEDAR RAPIDS — The City Council agreed last night to allow households to raise up to six urban chicken hens in the backyard.The council voted 6-2 on the chicken ordinance, with two additional readings and votes on the ordinance slated for the weeks ahead.The ordinance is not an experiment, and it will not come with […]

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Iowa, ISU, UNI athletic budgets report

The Iowa Board of Regents met Wednesday in Vinton and  the athletic department budgets of Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa were on the agenda. Iowa’s revenue projections are budgeted at $70.6 million for fiscal year 2011,  while ISU is $41.6 million and UNI $11.7 million.  Some highlights:   * Iowa’s budgeted revenue projections for 2011 […]

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Attorney says state wouldn’t release names of suspected minors

WATERLOO — An attorney who represented Agriprocessors testified Wednesday (May 26) that state labor inspectors didn’t give the company a list of suspected minors at the Postville meatpacking plant before the 2008 immigration raid. Mary Funk, who works for a Des Moines law firm, said she was the conduit of information between Agriprocessors and Iowa […]

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VP Biden expected at downtown deli

Vice President Joe Biden is expected to eat at Blue Strawberry following his appearance with Iowa Gov. Chet Culver. Secret Service and local police are screening the lunch crowd guests as they enter the restaurant. Blue Strawberry rebuilt following the 2008 floods. Biden and Culver were expected to tour flood damage during his visit.

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Tim Daugherty Group Performed Friday

The Tim Daugherty (Jazz) Group performed last night to a full house at Campbell Steele Gallery in Marion, Iowa. The group played original and contemporary jazz music as Tim Daugherty celebrated his final day of Master’s Degree finals at the University of Iowa (UI). In fulfillment of Tim’s master’s project, he wrote a musical score which […]

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Pleasant Hill Officer Arrested, Faces Additional Charges

From the Iowa Department of Public Safety: Pleasant Hill, IOWA — Today Sergeant Daniel Herbert Edwards, 42, of the Pleasant Hill Police Department turned himself in to the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Iowa State Patrol. Edwards has been charged with Burglary 3rd, a class D Felony. Earlier this week, Edwards was also charged […]

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29-year-old man reported missing to the Marion Police Department

Name: Richard Trask Age At Report: 29 Age Now: 29 Weight: 190 lbs. Height: 5’08″ Race: White Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Sex: Male Incident Type: Other adult missing Richard Trask was reported missing to the Marion PD, in Marion on May 11, 2010.

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